This summer, we are exploring how to use immersive visualization techniques to enhance the experience of flying or walking through our virtual body models.

Here are a few impressions of our first steps in the iCentre CAVE. For now, we have reimplemented our Giant Walkthrough Brain project and a model of a Eukaryotic cell.

Contributors to these projects are:

  • Douglas Yuen (MSc student),
  • Tatiana Karaman (MSc CMD student),
  • Markus Santoso (postdoctoral researcher).

We also greatly acknowledge all the help we received from Stephen Cartwright, who so diligently manages the CAVE facility.


Exploring the Giant Walkthrough Brain in the CAVE visualization environment. In the picture: Stephen Cartwright and Douglas Yuen

Eukaryo in CAVE

Navigating through a Eukaryotic cell model created by Douglas Yuen (on the left, with Areesha Saalman)