1heartLINDSAY Anatomy: Interactive Anatomy in 3D

Lindsay Presenter (LPresenter) is a presentation tool for interactive, 3-dimensional anatomical contents. Instructors and students use LPresenter to illustrate and review anatomy modules, prepare for exams, use quiz-type inquiry, or help with general as well as specific questions about anatomical structures. LPresenter has a built-in anatomy database and searchable atlas, which provides easy access to anatomical atlases. LPresenter is stereo-enabled and comes with iPad/iPod-based remote controls.

1composerLINDSAY Physiology: Real-time Physiology in 4D

Lindsay Composer (LComposer) provides access to simulations of physiological processes within the human male and female body. LComposer integrates interactive 3-dimensional physiology across scales: from systems and organs to tissues, cells, and sub-cellular structures. LComposer provides a graphical programming interface for the composition of physiological models, which can be annotated and turned into interactive educational scenarios.

1mobileLINDSAY Mobile: Touch-based Body Exploration

With iLindsay Mobile we explore educational applications on mobile devices — such as iPads, iPods, and iPhones — to better understand how these highly portable, touch-enabled devices can enhance the teaching and learning of anatomy and physiology. The ability to directly interact with 3-dimensional anatomical structures by “touching them” turns out to be of key importance for comprehending the spacial complexities of human anatomy.