The follow people are the backbone of our LINDSAY team. Through their passion and dedication, they make sure that
  • the software infrastructure is built and continuously updated,
  • distribution of our software and specimens is running smoothly,
  • new ideas are being explored and integrated,
  • liaisons with course administrators and teachers are fostered and maintained,
  • … and many, many more things that most of us are not aware of.
A big “Thank you” to our (current and former) core team members:
  • Mike Paget, B.A. eLearning Manager & Integrator, Health Education Technologist
  • Scott Novakowsky, B.Sc. Computer Science Anatomy Atlas Designer, App Programmer, Web Programmer & Designer
  • Scott Steil, B.Sc. Computer Science Specimens Store Creator, eLearning Web Programmer & Designer
  • Carey Gingras, B.Sc. Biology and Computer Science Physiology Solutions Expert, Cardio Modules Creator (2011-2014)
  • Timothy Davison, M.Sc. Computer Science, Ph.D. candidate Lead Architect of LINDSAY Composer (2009-2014) Researcher, Developer, and Integrator of Multi-scale Models