Most Recent Publications

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Some of our early work …

  1. Sarraf Shirazi, A., Davison, T., Mammen, von, S., Denzinger, J., & Jacob, C. (2014). Adaptive agent abstractions to speed up spatial agent-based simulations. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 40, 144–160. doi:10.1016/j.simpat.2013.09.001
    — PDF available at ScienceDirectScreenshot 2014-12-12 17.41.38


  2. Sarraf Shirazi, A., Mammen, von, S., & Jacob, C. (2013). Abstraction of Agent Interaction Processes. Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, 89(4), 524–538.
    — Retrieved from Screenshot 2014-12-12 17.30.25


  3. von Mammen, S., Phillips, D., Davison, T., Jamniczky, H., Hallgrimsoon, B., Jacob, C. “Chapter 18: Swarm-based Computational Development“. In Morphogenetic Engineering: Toward Programmable Complex Systems, Doursat, R., Sayama, H., and Michel, O., (Eds.), Springer, Nov. 2012.
    — PDF available from publisher’s page


  4. Jacob, C., von Mammen, S., Davison, T., Sarraf-Shirazi, A., Sarpe, V., Esmaeili, A., Phillips, D., Yazdanbod, I., Novakowski, S., Steil, S., Gingras, C., Jamniczky, H., Hallgrimsson, B., and Wright, B. “LINDSAY Virtual Human: Multi-scale, Agent-based, and Interactive,” In: J. Kołodziej, S. U. Khan and T. Burczyński, editors, Advances in Intelligent Modelling and Simulation: Artificial Intelligence-based Models and Techniques in Scalable Computing, Springer, 2012, pp. 327-349.
    — PDF available from publisher’s page


  5. Sebastian von Mammen, Abbas Sarraf Shirazi, Vladimir Sarpe, and Christian Jacob, “Optimization of Swarm-Based Simulations,” ISRN Artificial Intelligence, vol. 2012, Article ID 365791, 13 pages, 2012. doi:10.5402/2012/365791
    — PDF available from publisher’s page


  6. Davison, T., von Mammen, S., Jacob, C. “EvoShelf : A System for Managing and Exploring Evolutionary Data,” 11th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature. 6239, pp. 310-319, 2010.
    — PDF available from publisher’s page


  7. von Mammen, S., Phillips, D., Davison, T., Jacob, C. “A Graph-based Developmental Swarm Representation & Algorithm,” ANTS 2010: Seventh International Conference on Swarm Intelligence. Lecture notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag. 6234: 1-12, 2010.
    — PDF available from publisher’s page


  8. von Mammen, S., Davison, T., Baghi, H., Jacob, C. “Component-based networking for simulations in medical education,” Proceedings of The IEEE symposium on Computers and Communications, pp. 975-979, 2010.
    — PDF available here