The Lindsay Virtual Human: How it all started …


We are a team of passionate educators, artists, designers, and researchers from a variety of disciplines. We are building LINDSAY, a virtual human to replicate human anatomy and physiology in 3D, interactive, and beautifully displayed. Conveying the beauty and intricate complexity and wonder of the human body is our goal.

We are passionate about education, visualization, story telling, computer science, art, and design.

Watch some of the stories behind our project, our inspiration, our team and the vision we all are guided by.

How can we convey the intricate worlds inside the human body? How can we facilitate our understanding of the human body?

The wonders of the human body should be perceived in all its beauty. This is what we strive for.

LINDSAY on Mobile and Touch Devices

In the following video we present our first human anatomy app for iPad and iPhone. We discuss the potential of interactive anatomy and physiology, and how such apps contribute to innovation in medical education.

LINDSAY Virtual Human on Mobile Devices from LINDSAY Virtual Human on Vimeo.

Medical education should be awe inspiring.

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