As has now become tradition, we have a passionate group of students working over the summer on their research projects in the LINDSAY Virtual Human lab. Projects directly related to LINDSAY are:

Gut-Brain Interactive Simulation & Game

Ryan Lee has returned to the LINDSAY lab for a second summer. He is continuing the Giant Walkthrough Gut, which is a VR-enabled immersive story about the human digestive and intestinal system. See Ryan’s video which shows his VR walkthrough in action.

This summer, we have brought Dr. Keith Sharkey and Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta on board to provide their expert guidance for this project.

LINDSAY Body Universe

Alex Vanc has been working on building our multi-model framework for LINDSAY. We want to create a seamless interface to connect all the LINDSAY models we have been building over the last few years. Now we have a first prototype of how this might look like. Alex has created an intriguing interface to delve into the Body Universe.

Alex Vanc: Multi-scale Body Universes in LINDSAY

kidSIM at the Alberta Children’s Hospital

We are collaborating with the kidSIM team at the Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH) under the guidance of Dr. Vince Grant and many helpful physicians and nurses at ACH. Here are the projects at a glimpse.

Erin Brintnell is building a collection of immersive games for kids to play with when undergoing chemotherapy. The games are designed to understand the roles of different immune system agents.

Erin Brintnell: LeukemiaSim, a Game for Kids

Joweria Ekram is working with emergency physicians and nurses in collaboration with STARS to build a VR simulation scenario for patient transport in a helicopter.

Joweria Ekram: Child Patient Transport in a Helicopter

Andrew Galbraith is building a VR environment to support training for Endotracheal Intubation. This involves the blending of physical objects (tubes, laryngoscope) with virtual contents.