The Beauty of the Human Body Through the Lens of Computing

LINDSAY Virtual Human

We create imaginative stories that immerse you in virtual worlds inside the human body. Imagine being in a microscopic vessel traversing our body’s systems, organs, cells, and watching molecules create the intricate machineries of life. We build explorations, self-directed adventures, and engage you in intriguing facts about how our body works, how it keeps itself alive, and how it maintains an intricate balance at so many levels of complexity. Come join us on our journey.


Who we are

Led by Dr. Christian Jacob, we are a team of  artists, designers, scientist, engineers, developers, producers, researchers, and educators from all disciplines. LINDSAY, a virtual human, replicates human anatomy and physiology in interactive and beautiful 3D. LINDSAY demonstrates the beauty and intricate complexity of the human body.

We are passionate about visualization, storytelling, computer science, art, design, and education.


Explore the spark of inspiration that created LINDSAY, our team’s passion for our research, and the history of our work together.

Current Work

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Upcoming & Future Work

Pushing the boundaries of interdisciplinary research is core to our work. We actively engage in finding opportunities to collaborate. Learn how you can get involved.

Current Work


Covid 19 Simulation

Using Lifebrush, Michael Wahba created a gallery…

Multi-scale Worlds

UNIV 401 - Pandemics

A course where undergraduate students applied research fundamentals to real-world research projects…


LINDSAY’S Namesake

The LINDSAY Virtual Human project carries its name in memory of Dr. Lindsay Leigh Kimmett, who was a student of Undergraduate Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary. At the prime of her medical training, Lindsay tragically passed away in 2008.

Lindsay’s parents — Dianne and Kelly — and family have been extremely supportive and enthusiastic about teaching & learning, and education of medical doctors and researchers, in particular. It had always been Lindsay’s vision to make the world a better place.

The LINDSAY Virtual Human project, which was initiated in 2009, is dedicated to Lindsay Kimmett. We are all highly inspired by Lindsay’s passion for life, and we hope to continue her vision and her desire to make our world a better place. Through our contributions and commitment to exceptional medical education we strive to continue Lindsay’s legacy.

Upcoming & Future Work

Always Collaborating

With the LINDSAY Virtual Human Project every discipline is eagerly included in our work. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate within our campus, our community, and beyond. 


Recent Publications

Adaptive agent abstractions to speed up spatial agent-based simulations

Published in Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory

Sarraf Shirazi, et al.

LINDSAY Virtual Human: Multi-scale, Agent-based, and Interactive

Published in Advances in Intelligent Modelling and Simulation: Artificial Intelligence-based Models and Techniques in Scalable Computing

Christian Jacob, et al.

Optimization of Swarm-Based Simulations

Published in ISRN Artificial Intelligence, vol. 2012

Sebastian von Mammen, et al.


Giant Interactive Cell Project

The Giant Interactive Cell (GIC) project is being developed by Mika Ong and Finn Vamosi. Dr. Christian Jacob and Owen Brierley are overseeing the direction of this research. On July 20th, the lab team presented a work-in-progress demonstration of the GIC to our...

LINDSAY receives Epic MegaGrant

LINDSAY receives Epic MegaGrant

We are delighted to announce that the reviewers at Epic Games have decided to award an Epic MegaGrant to the LINDSAY Virtual Human project. We will build what we call the LINDSAY Body Universe. Stay tuned for further updates ...

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